Content Creators I Enjoy

As part of developer appreciation week, I felt like I wanted to really start by appreciating some of the content creators what I’m fond of. There aren’t really any metrics here either, it’s just things I wanted to list arranged in no particular order.

saiyan 4414 (YT/Twitch)

This guy is a visually impaired PokeMon player. He streams a lot of shiny pokemon hunting on Twitch. I enjoy his streams from time to time. It’s given me a lot of perspective on what gaming is like for impaired players. In fact, as of the time of writing his capture card is broken and he’s doing audio only streams, meaning his viewers have an experience similar to his.

He’s a great guy, check him out sometime.


Probably one of the first YouTube channels I ever subscribed to. I think I remember someone linking me one of the rage videos(NSFW) he made with the character Francis. That video has loud and rather excessive swearing, y’know, just so you know. It was so over the top that I wondered if this guy was for real and went looking through the video feed. I mean, it’s the internet, you never know. What I actually found seemed like a fairly decent individual who often talked about general gaming news, so I subbed and just kinda stayed there.

There’s so many creators, past and present, that I’m fond of on the YouTube platform that it’s impractical to discuss them all here. I don’t follow things as closely as I used to either. I mainly check out the odd boogie video, a handful of animated comedy channels and some DIY stuff.

Carf Darko

I’ve been listening to Carf’s stuff off and on for a while. He recently came back from a bit of a hiatus. His music was in the chiptune style before, though he’s not doing quite the same thing these days. He wrote some of the intro music for things on The Game Theorists channel.

Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

This podcast helped me understand some important topics that were super relevant to work problems at the time. Having found that it helps enhance my knowledge and understanding of science I keep listening. It helps that they have a super consistent release schedule.


Also a podcast, I found that it has an interesting approach to explaining topics I had never really considered before. Sometimes it’s a topic I think I know something about and it provides a different angle. This one is all about perspective. It helps me have some outside my little box.

Massively OP Podcast

The mentioning of Blaugust on this podcast is why I’m even here. I also found my various news feeds to lack MMO related news and after much poking around finally found this one, which covers most everything in broad strokes.

The Unsung Creators

I also want to take a moment to thank all the unnamed unsung creators of the internet. The 4chan greentext writers, the witty redditors, the crafty imgurians(?), the filthy reposters that make sure the content makes it’s rounds, the tiny YouTube artists that have escaped notice. Many laughs, emotional moments, and well timed posts, images, and songs have made it to me through your combined efforts. I don’t know you, and probably never will, but know that your work is appreciated.

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