My Blogging Process

Right, so I’m really new at this, but it’s “get to know each other week” and I figure my process actually says something about who I am.

First off is that after the prep week, where I was pretty much writing the same day I posted, I took Syp’s advice about scheduling and writing ahead. Within a day or so of the even launch I’ve been writing at least a couple of days ahead, sometimes as many as four to five days ahead.

Probably took this picture to send to my wife.

You see, the thing is, I’m a routine oriented person. I function best in a structured and predictable environment. Now, I can function outside of one, but it amplifies my anxiety level quite a bit. Blaugust is a completely new thing that I wasn’t doing before, and I knew when I started with the intent of posting every day that it was going to be disruptive. I knew this and intentionally chose to do it. In a way, that’s the point of doing it. I’m forcing myself outside my comfort zone.

That’s where the schedule comes in. It’s my way of trying to apply order to the disorder that I brought on myself. It also offloads the need to remember to do it. I’ve been scheduling most posts, starting this week, to go up at 10 AM. I don’t know why I chose that time, I think some of my original posts were written in that timeframe, I dunno, doesn’t matter.

I do not know why the cat chose to sit in the next box in the hay pile, she’s weird.


Now, this has a couple of drawbacks I picked up on as well. None of my content feels fresh to me. I sit down, I pour it out, add some pictures, and schedule it. When it finally does go up it feels cold and distant. Likewise when I have something on my mind, I have to choose what I want to do about it. Do I delay my scheduled post, put up a second post, save it for later, or just leave it sitting in my drafts with no particular intent? I actually have one or two of the later posts. Things I wrote because I needed to express it, not with any intent of sharing or posting it.

The second problem is that having several days of scheduled posts really takes the anxiety out of wondering what I’m going to post. That anxiety is important, it’s the thing that makes me actually do the writing. Without the anxiety I sit around, think about topics, turn them over in my head, but don’t actually write them because I don’t need to just yet.

A rotor I changed a while back. This thing was a rolling death trap.

As far as the process of picking and individual topic, that’s been kinda loose. I’ve developed a sort of loose framework. Warframe is on Wednesday because they both start with W and I like that. Sunday is for something new I played that week (read, saturday morning) to try and encourage me to break up my routine a little and burn through my massive Steam library. Other than that, I try to avoid to many “me” posts or gaming posts in a row. I did a lot of gaming stuff last week and I didn’t like that as much. This week is a little heavy on myself, my thoughts, and my life due to the theme.

I typically reach a point right around 450-500 words where I feel like I’m talking to much and starting to lose focus on whatever it was I was thinking about or wanting to say to begin with. I try to find a way to sort of wrap it up so it doesn’t just abruptly end.

Red babies are red.

Once I’ve done that, I go back through and start placing some images throughout the post. It just doesn’t feel right to post this giant wall of text. I honestly don’t think anybody cares or wants to read about it to begin with and that it evokes a sort of “omg, I am not reading all that” sort of reaction.

So, I don’t know, maybe this makes sense, maybe it doesn’t. I’ve been in a weird mood lately and I can’t tell if I care or not. I want you to get something out of it. I want it to have something of value. All I have is my thoughts and opinions though and I don’t tend to think of them as having much value to others.

Good luck guys, I’ll catch you again tomorrow.

One thought on “My Blogging Process

  1. I used to write regularly for a mom blog that I kept before. I ended up stopping because I felt like I couldn’t get things just right. Having the 1 post per day has allowed me to live in a world of “Something is better than nothing” I’ve made it my routine to write a lot on the weekends and schedule out my posts for the week, and then each night for about 30 minutes I’ll read through what I wrote and do some edits. I give myself between the end of dinner and when the hubby puts our daughter to bed to get it done. Today I’m giving myself time to play games and tomorrow I write! Next week is going to be crazy busy and I won’t have much time. I guess this is part of the challenge of writing consistently for the whole month, right?


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