Warframe – Spy Series

What is a spy mission and why should you care?

spy block

Well, spy missions have quite a few advantages. They’re a reliable source of void relics that you need for Prime gear. A good source of mods early in the game when your collection is limited. Also great missions to level up new gear when grinding mastery ranks. You can always tell which rewards were from the spy mission by the IDENTIFIED: text.


I also love the gameplay in these missions. It’s a nice piece of somewhat forced stealth action with some rewards that continue being worth the effort. Due to having an obnoxious number of mods, I typically do these for the experience and the relic.

So what even is a spy mission anyway?

mission overlay

While the exact details vary depending on the faction and/or planet, you always have three special rooms, marked A, B, and C, where the goal is to get to the final console and hack it in order to retrieve some data. This typically involves navigating enemies, traps, and sensor to reach the objective undetected. It is possible to get detected and still succeed, but undetected data gives bonus xp.

If and when you do get detected, it starts a countdown till the data is deleted and sometimes modifies the challenge by shutting doors, bringing in more enemies, and so on.

Useful things to have:

Weapons – Honestly, you need at least one silent or silenced weapon. Most bows, crossbows, and throwing knives at silent by default. There are often scanners and cameras that are going to need to be shot out and you want to do with without alerting enemies. It doesn’t have to be high level or damage because the scanners are easy to take out. It just needs to be silent. You can get by with just a melee weapon, it’s just going to be more difficult.

Mods – Hush, Suppress, and Silent Battery, are weapon mods that when fully upgraded make the weapons “silent.” Your shot will still sound quite loud to you, it just won’t alert enemies. Unfortunately these mods are not easy to obtain early on.

Warframes – The only frames I immediately know to be of special value are Banshee, who has a sphere of silence that may be useful. Loki has the ability to turn invisible and a faction rank specific mod that also silences weapons while invisible. I don’t own either of these so I don’t know how useful they are. I’ve never found the frame I’m using to be an issue.

Companions – Both the Huras Kubrow and the Shade Sentinel will cloak themselves and you when enemies are nearby. It’s not super reliable, but it can prove useful at times.

My current loadout for xp grind:

mirage loadout.png

Nothing special here, the only thing of note is the Azima pistol which has that supress mod on it to keep it silent.

My serious “get it done” loadout:

full loadout.png

Not a lot of spy specific choices here. Inaros is purely for survivability, some of the high end missions hit really hard.

Soma Prime is for pure damage output, loud and proud.

Azima has really grown on me and with the supress mod makes a great secondary for spy missions.

War is a high damage greatsword. Good for melee executions and taking out grineer sensor regulators.

Carrier Prime I’ve been using so long I don’t really know what to do with that slot at the moment so I stick with what I know.

I’ve been running a ton of these lately and thought maybe a visual guide might be cool. As such, I’m going to start working on a series of guides with pictures.  I’m going to focus on doing one tileset at a time due to the amount of pictures and time required.

“Data extracted. They won’t even know it’s gone. We have everything we came for. Get to extraction.” – The Lotus

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