Part of PC gaming is this infinitely configurable box of components that allow it to do what it does. The advantage of consoles is that they’re extremely compatible. It’s safe to assume that made for a console will run just as well on any given machine. The downside being that they’re very alike. A PS4 is a PS4 is a PS4.

The natural disadvantage of the PC is it’s hard to gauge what’s going to run well and what isn’t, especially on a budget. A decent amount of time must be spent considering the power vs cost of each component in addition to overall compatibility. Websites like PC Part Picker and Game Debate make this easier, but it’s still an ordeal even for the knowledgeable.

The last thing before we get down to brass tacks. The vast majority of this build is not actually mine. Credit for the build goes to my wife, who spent a great deal of time poking through discard piles, overstock, and making back room deals. All I did was come along and add a hard drive and change the GPU.

Motherboard – ASUS P6T SE


asus p6t se
Stock image from ASUS

This is the build’s original motherboard, and it shows. Overall I’ve liked it and it’s held up well.  My only real complaint is the placement of the sata ports, particularly the two next to the memory slots, are awkward. They cables have to be removed in order to remove sticks. Not an operation issue, but troubleshooting bad memory it gets old.

It’s been through a lot of rough times though. Only half of the USB ports are still usable. The others have broken through various applied forces. This is number one on the list for my next big upgrade.

CPU – Intel Core i7 950

One of the now weaker points, this particular series of chip is almost 10 years old now.  It’s a quad core 3ghz cpu. It has served me quite well, but struggles with cpu heavy operations like trying to run a modded minecraft server and playing the game at the same time.

I’ll replace this along with the motherboard in my next big upgrade.

Memory DDR3 – 10G

Not much to say here.  It’s just cheap memory.  Slow but functional.

GPU – AMD Radeon R9 380

Stock image from Sapphire Tech

I don’t change GPUs often, so I have a hard time really comparing these things.  This has been a good card so far. I picked it up for around $200 a couple years ago. Only real complaint has been that is only has one HDMI port.  It replaced a much older sapphire nitro card. It was an efficiency model that didn’t even need fans.

HDD – 4 Standard HDD in varying sizes.

I don’t have an SSD in this computer yet. It’s on the list for the next major upgrade if I can afford it.


Fairly standard PSU, not modular. I’m not super impressed with it, but it’s cheap.  Lasts about a year.

Case – DIYPC Alnitak-BK Black

Stock image from DIY PC

I’m quite fond of this case, but blue is kinda my thing. I’m not really invested in it. It was cheap and functional.

That usb/sound board on the front came loose after a year or so though. It’s still usable, but it’s hanging out the side of the case. It’s also a bit small, but I don’t have room in the desk for a larger case. My wife insists that the case goes inside the desk.

computer desk
The whole bugger in place.

So this is my workspace. That joystick normally sits on that front left corner of the desk when I’m not using it, but I was playing Elite for tomorrows post while I cleaned and fleshed this out. It’s not normally this clean, I promise.

I’m sure I’ll revisit this around January/February when I start looking at options for an upgrade

One thought on “My PC

  1. I like upgrading my PC. The one problem I run into is that so many of the parts are dependant on one another, like if in replacing the CPU I’ll most likely need to replace the MB. If I’m replacing the MB I may need to think of a different case. A new case might mean a new slot for an extra hard drive… Etc.. 😂


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