Warframe – Collection Starting Point

I did a post a few days ago (Warframe and Completionism) where I discussed my original plans for collecting every warframe. Afterwards I thought that it’ll certainly never happen if I don’t try.

frost meditate.png

So I sat down and made a spreadsheet of every warframe in the game and what my current progress towards it.  My initial phase of this project is going to focus on collecting the necessary blueprints, typically four per warframe. I currently have 91 parts out of approximately 224, about 40%.  Honestly, that’s much better than I expected.

I will likely begin with the 18 or so parts that are currently dropped by bosses.  These are a fairly easy place to start making some quick progress.

The real challenge here is going to be the Prime warframes. I’m currently counting 20 total frames. Nine of these need to be fast tracked before they end up in the vault. The remaining 11 are currently in the vault, which makes them much more difficult to obtain.


See, prime parts work on a weird sort of loot box system called “relics.” Basically you do certain mission types and occasionally get rewarded with a specific relic.  Each one has an “era” and a letter and number designation, like Lith S4 or Meso C3.  There are “void fissure” variants of normal missions that rotate every couple of hours and are era specific.  You pick a mission, pick a relic, collect the required 10 macguffins and at the end of the mission you receive an item from a list specific to that relic.

relic drop list

Now, in case I’ve offended someone by referring to these as loot boxes, I feel obligated to point out that we know exactly what’s on the loot tables. It’s even shown in the in-game menu.  While not listed in-game, the drop chance per tier is also known. This isn’t some shady system where you pay for a box and hope and pray you get that one thing you need without knowing the odds.

Now, when prime parts are put in the vault, it merely means that the relics those drop from are no longer in the loot tables.  If you happen to have some laying around you can still get the parts that come from it.  I have one frame, Saryn Prime, where I have enough old relics to have a chance.  Two more I have basically one shot at a rare drop (10% chance max) so they’re likely not going to happen immediately. The other 8 are off the table for right now.  None of this is completely unobtainable, it’s just expensive/difficult to do so.

So my main priorities right now are:

  • Grind bosses to fill out the boss drop list
  • Grind relics needed for currently available prime frames

Another big road block after the collection phase is going to be inventory slots. You start with only a few, and while I’ve expanded, it looks like I’m still around 46 slots short.  These slots are purchased with the cash currency “platinum” to the tune of 20/ea.  That’s pretty cheap, but it adds up. That’s 920 plat and it costs around $50 for 1,000.  The good news is that I have plenty of time.  If I’m patient I can get 20-50% off and snatch some up on the cheap.

I think I’m gonna go knock some of these out.  Stay alert Tenno.

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