Blaugust Reborn – Baby steps

Maybe if we plaster this all over the internet it’ll catch on.

Here we are, the dawn of the first day, and I realized I didn’t have any kind of plan for the week.

So I started by catching up on Feedly. 24 posts to start. 42 by the time I reached the end and another 12 new waiting to read. I was thinking I needed some kind of plan and saw a lot of “month in review”/”this months plan” sort of content and figured I would do the same. I’m new to this and who knows if I’ll make it the whole month, so I’m going smaller in scope. I’m doing a one week plan.

It’s also back to school week here and my brother, my normal gaming companion, is out of town for the week. This makes it a particularly odd week all around.

  1. This post is where I’m going to start. What I’m hoping to get done.
  2. Warframe Collection Update – I spent quite a bit of time pulling together parts lists and number after my previous post. I’m closer than I thought. This post will discuss those numbers and what I’m planning to do with them.
  3. My PC – I’ve been meaning to go over my specs and how it’s working for me. Probably talk about my next build a little as well.
  4. Return to Elite – I haven’t done much in Elite Dangerous lately due to brother’s damaged flight stick. I’m gonna load up and try to make some space bucks at some point.
  5. DDO – Yeah, it’s old, but I never played it. I tried the other day and wasn’t immediately impressed but I need to give it more time.
  6. FF15 – Tried playing for the first time a month ago and my PSU failed. Going to try again.
  7. Free Day – Going to take some time to review and decide where I’m going. Nothing particular planned for this post.

Based on this schedule I’d say I’m going to spend most of my time on DDO and FF15.

Good luck fellow Blaugustans!

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