Warframe and Completionism

So, I remember playing in the early days of Warframe and thinking maybe I’d try to collect all the warframes. At the time I believe there were somewhere around 12-16 plus a couple of prime versions. I’m not sure though, that seems like a lifetime ago.

My Starter – Volt

I knew, of course, that I would have to spend money to get a lot more slots, and the time sink would eventually see me wander off to play other games.

I look at it now and it seems insurmountably crazy. There’s 35 base frames and an additional 21 prime frames, many of which are not easy to obtain without buying them from the cash when they happen to cycle through.

I used the Nekros for a while too.

I have 8 out of 56. About 14%. I have all or most parts for about another dozen though, I need more inventory slots though. I only have one and it’s reserved for quest completion.

Now, I’m aware that I’m not a completionist. I occasionally enjoy trying to get 100% but very often lack the motivation to do so. At one point I thought maybe if I wasn’t getting 100% then I wasn’t experiencing everything a game had to offer. I twisted that into meaning I might not be “getting my money’s worth.” Then I would work on that one thing till I was bored/burnt out then move on.

Fond of the Frost right now.

I don’t expect to finish this project, to be honest, but I enjoy working on it from time to time. That’s what matters. It’s the entire point of the thing.

2 thoughts on “Warframe and Completionism

  1. Sometimes I wish I were a completionist because nerd points are cool, right?. Although, part of me wants to rebel when a game tries to make me do something just to check a box off a list. I end up doing what I want to do when I want to do it more often than not.


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