No Man’s Sky NEXT -Multiplayer Impression

I wanted to put out a quick update since I picked up NMS on Steam and had a chance to try the multiplayer component as well as a slightly more extended play session.

At first, multiplayer is very similar to the single player experience, there’s just additional people.  In this instance, as with many others, I’m only playing with my brother so there’re only two of us.

My main concern was scarcity of resources. I remember struggling to get enough to keep my life support and hazard protection up and was very concerned that we would really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to support two. This ended up not being the case.  The rate at which I was acquiring resources for just myself was enough to survive and build up a supply.

oxygen motherlode
This insane pile of oxygen plants I found.

We did run into a few issues with the repairing/crafting materials, like copper, where we had to invest a little more effort to locate enough for two people but it was not a severe inconvenience.

There were some issues regarding navigation though. It’s possible to tag a specific marker/resource, and even the ground if needed, but when flying in a ship it was quite difficult to keep track of each other.  The “radar” in the ship doesn’t have as much detail as a game like Elite.  I also think they’ve changed the mouse and keyboard ship controls in a way that makes it harder to pilot.  It’s now less arcade-like and more like the M&K control for Elite, which I despise.

The tutorial has also been reconfigured to allow base building much sooner, and base building is significantly different.

home base
Home sweet home, for now.

Where’s it was a series of rooms and tubes before, kinda like a complicated hamster cage, the new system is very much like your standard survival sandbox game like Ark, or Fortnite if that’s more your flavor.

building a floor.png
Building a floor
building a wall.png
Building a wall

We haven’t even made it to the first Atlas node yet though.  I expect this is going to become something of a series, where I’ll probably be posting updates off and on as we go along.

Stay safe Travelers.

3 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky NEXT -Multiplayer Impression

  1. The first planet I landed on had an abundance of resources while my husband had barely enough to repair his ship. I guess an element of luck is definitely involved in your starter planet. Good luck and save travels!


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