Pre-Project Jitters

So, I’ve reached the point leading up to a project, Blaugust, where I’m beginning to question my motives and commitment. I signed on because I figured it would be an interesting experience that would further expand my approximate knowledge of many things.

Maybe it’s some form of guilt. I look at all my past endeavors and see a long string of abandoned and/or forgotten projects. In a way I think I fear this will join that list, ultimately. The bright side being that I’m ignoring the completed projects and the wonderful breadth of knowledge it’s granted me.

After a time I remember the completed projects with pride and fondness. That’s a thing I did. That’s a thing I did. It exists, both in physical space and in my memories. In a way it’s become a symbol that it’s not all pointless.

I’m referring of course to these knitted bags I made years ago. The official upload date was May 22, 2011. It feels like a lifetime ago.

It’s also important that all previous projects were embarked on alone. The blog is unique in that I have a really cool community of people already doing this. A group full of lively discussion and friendly people. It lends it a quality I’m not used to in my many solo projects.

So here’s to the future and fond remembrances of the things that have gone before.

In other news, I have every intention of posting a piece on the No Man’s Sky update tomorrow. I am currently waiting for patch notes to drop so I know what I’ll be able to experience on my new save file. I find myself slightly hyped.

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